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  • Hotel - Dads Weekend

    Bringing our son from California to show him U of I (dads alma mater). Need a hotel room for Sept. 27 and/or Sept. 28. Please let us know if anyone has a hotel room they are not able to use! Thanks so much!

    email us at

  • need sat. night only dads weekend

    Hi. Anyone have one night dads weekend Saturday..hotel? Thx

  • Homecoming weekend hotel

    Would love to find a hotel room for the Saturday night of Homecoming!  Please let me know if you have a change of plans.  Thanks!

  • Bob Jaques

    Need a hotel room for one person for Dad's weekend in September 2013.

  • Hotel for Dad's weekend

    Looking for hotel for the weekend 9/27-9/29. Anyone with change in plans and no longer attending? Contact via e-mail: