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  • Das Study Findings

    BIOP Professor Aditi Das has recently published a study in PNAS showing Omega-3 fatty acids fight inflammation via cannabinoids

  • BIOP Welcomes New Faculty Members

    Please join me in extending congratulations to our newest Biophysics faculty members: Alex Evilevitch, Sergei Maslov, and Yang Zhang.  Alex is an associate professor in the Department of Pathobiology,  Sergei is a professor in the Department of Bioengineering, and Yang is an assistant professor in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering and Beckman.  

  • Dar lab publication

    Last week in Nature Communications, Bohn-Wippert et al., provide the first understanding of how the HIV virus is capable of regulating the migration of its own host cell. Computation and experiments show high promoter similarity between virus and host, co-regulation, co-expression, and coupled reactivation of latent HIV with host cell migration. The findings reveal an additional layer of viral-host interactomes within promoter sequences, well before mRNA and protein interactions occur.

  • Tajkhorshid investiture

    Professor Emad Tajkhorshid received the J. Woodland Hastings Endowed Chair in Biochemistry on April 19 at an investiture ceremony at the Beckman Institute. Congratulations, Emad!

  • Jin receives LEAP Award

    BIOP Professor Hong Jin has been named a Lincoln Excellence for Assistant Professor Scholar for her outstanding research and teaching.