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  • EVENT ITEMS - Loan

    Select from a wide-variety of items that we loan for your event.  Tablecloths, 3'x5' flags, Photo booth props, Large Alma Mater cut-outs, Athletic jerseys, Tote of office supplies, raffle box & tickets, cap and gown, easels, plexi-frames, Marching Illini CD's, megaphone and block rocker.

  • Illinois Wordmark Tablecloths

    Blue tablecloths with the new Illinois Wordmark logo on the front.
    Choose from 6' and 8' sizes.


  • Photo Booth Props

    19 different photo booth props to create fun #ILLINOIS pics.  Combine with B1 or B2 #ILLINOIS banner for your special event.


  • Large Alma Mater cut-out

    7.5-foot stand-up cutout of the Alma Mater statue.  Great for events and "photos with Alma."  Lightweight, made of gator board.  
    Choose from Bronze or Original


  • Alma Mater Cutout

    Large Alma Mater Cutout

    7.5-foot stand-up cutout of the Alma Mater statue. Great for events and "photos with Alma." Breaks down into two pieces for transport.


  • Illinois Wordmark Logo Flag (3' x 5')

    Navy nylon single sided flags with the Illinois Wordmark logo in the center.  May be hung or used as a table topper.


  • Basketball athletic jerseys

    Basketball Athletic Jersey

    May be worn by presenter or used for great photo ops with alumni or potential students.  Only color available is Blue.


  • Football athletic jersyes

    Football Athletic Jersey

    May be worn by presenter or used for great photo ops with alumni or potential students.  Available in 3 colors:  Orange, White and Blue.


  • Graduation cap, gown and diploma

    Graduation Cap and Gown

    Great for photo ops with alumni or potential students.   Come with Gown, Cap, Stole, and Diploma holder.


  • B1. Block Rocker Portable Speaker System

    Powerful and flexible all-in-one sound system. Blast music wirelessly from smartphones, tablet computers and more!  Bluetooth enabled. Comes with microphone, cable & case.  Runs on both electric power or rechargeable battery.


  • 10 watt megaphone

    10-Watt Megaphone

    Sturdy, yet lightweight "bullhorn" gives your voice some extra oomph when needed. Great for public functions or situations where no public address system is available. Takes D-cell batteries.


  • Microphone flags

    Microphone Flags

    Illinois mic flags lend a professional touch to your interviews. The small square block slips easily over your standard microphone, wired or cordless.


  • Illini CDs

    Various Marching Illini and symphonic CDs.


  • Box of office supplies

    Box of Office Supplies

    Convenient case with packing tape, scissors, pens, markers, paper, clip boards, name tags, extension cord.


  • Door prize

    Door Prize/Raffle Box

    Holds tickets for raffles or door prize.

  • door prize tickets

    Door Prize Tickets

    For door prizes and raffles. Orders filled in increments of 50, up to 250. Please return unused tickets.


  • Instant easels

    Instant Easels

    Compact black steel design weighs only 1 lb. Unfolds in seconds.  Adjustable display holders lock into place anywhere along easel legs and support posters, placards, and small boards up to 10 lbs.

    Availability: 2


  • Plexiglas display frame

    Plexiglas Display Frame (8.5 X 11)

    Holds a standard sheet of paper. Slide paper in from the sides for quick changes.