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Illinois State Water Survey

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  • Sediment Lab Assistant

  • Content and Communications Specialist

    This academic hourly position will develop content for the Private Well Class FAQ and blog, as well as support development of materials and content for additional outreach materials, focused on private well owners and stakeholders. 

  • Illinois Water Inventory Program-Academic Hourly (up to 3)

    The Illinois Water Inventory Program seeks up to 2 academic hourly employees to assist the IWIP and Well Records Staff.

    Primary Position Function/Summary:

    Assisting the Water Inventory Program and Well Records staff in maintaining the Illinois Water Inventory Program (IWIP) Database and associated well records data by entering data, evaluating data quality, evaluating historical paper records for information and conducting interviews with data suppliers from high-capacity water systems in Illinois. Assist in processing and filing incoming and historical water well information.

    Major Duties and Responsibilities :

    Assist with state water use data collection and entry into the IWIP database.

    Contact facility operators to gather and correct reported water use data as well as ensure data quality.

    Assist the GW records room staff in updating files and record cataloging, reconciling missing and duplicate records, copying and scanning paper records, and verifying geographic locations from reported information.

    Assist with other duties as assigned in support of the IWIP and Well Records programs.



    Required: BS degree in a physical science-related field.

    Preferred: BS degree in a water, geology, geography, or environmental field.



    Required: Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

    Preferred: Proficiency with Microsoft Access, ArcGIS. Past written and verbal communications experience; native English speaker. Demonstrated aptitude for working with numeric data, scientific information, and geographic systems.


    Knowledge Requirements:

    Required: Ability to interact and ask questions of water professionals; ability to work independently and in a team environment; good organization and time management skills.  

    Preferred: Understanding of relational data structure. Familiarity with data collection activities. Knowledge of utility systems, industrial processes, and/or irrigation systems related to water use.


    Please send all resumes to:

    Steven D. Wilson

    Hydrologist-Illinois State Water Survey