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  • INHS researchers discover 4 new species in Illinois caves

    Scientists from the Illinois Natural History Survey at the Prairie Research Institute at University of Illinois have discovered four new species of springtails—minute ancient relatives of the insects—in the caves of the Salem Plateau in southern Illinois.

  • Lice evolve faster than their primate hosts

    INHS Psocodea expert Kevin Johnson and post doctoral researcher Julie Allen led a recently published study comparing the rate of evolution in primates with that in their louse parasites. This study is the first to look at the pace of molecular change across the genomes of different groups. Read LA Times article.

  • New species of springtail named for resemblance to Lord of the Rings villain

    INHS Entomologist Felipe Soto-Adames and colleagues described a new species of Collembola, Trogolaphysa sauron. It is named for the dorsal pattern's resemblance to the helmet of Sauron, a character in Lord of the Rings, as represented in Peter Jackson's 2001 film. Their paper, released this week by the Journal of Insect Science, revises the taxonomy of the subfamily Paronellinae and describes the new species.