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March 15, 2013

The following items have appeared recently in newspapers, blogs, on websites and other media regarding PHL and might be of interest to affiliates of the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss.


  • A recently published article summarizes key efforts to address food security by the Rome-based UN agencies, highlighting FAO's assistance to countries such as Mozambique in preventing postharvest losses of cereal grains.
  • FAO reports improved conditions as world food prices stabilized in January and crop outputs are expected to be favorable in 2013. The UN agency also reports that unexpected weather changes could pose serious risks as global reserves remain tight.



  • Plant viruses cause up to $175 million dollars in losses in East Africa per year. Many farmers are unware of affected crops until after harvest when viruses cause rotting.
  • The Nigerian Stored Products Institute (NSPRI) reports it has produced affordable storage facilities and drying equipment that works with solar, air, or kerosone.

North America

  • The United States Feed the Future program is co-financing the construction of new warehouses in northern regions of Ghana and is also training farmers on warehouse management. USAID and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa are partners on the project.

  • Canada launched national standards for grain biodiversity that are meant to manage the risk of plant pests and disease. The voluntary standards include guidelines for safe handling, transport, and use of equipment. Opinions on voluntary status of standards vary. 
  • University of Kentucky researchers are currently working to reduce postharvest losses in Ghana and Nigeria. They have hosted workshops in the regions since 2009, and recently wrote a report for the US Department of Agriculture.


  • The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) of Australia warns farmers to be particularly mindful of grain quality given that temperatures continue to fluctuate in the region. A recent video by the GRDC demonstrates how to maintain proper aeration. 

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Preventing Postharvest Losses from Field to Market: A Food Security Imperative

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