Homecoming 2012 - "Bright Lights, Blue City"

Homecoming Parade Entry Form

Parade is on Friday, October 5th at 4:15pm

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Parade Information

One entry per organization. Report to line up no later than 3pm on October 5th at Parking Lot C by Police Station (line up time subject to change. Parade begins at 4:15pm (time subject to change). Parade ends at Lot G near Kiwanis Stadium. Judging starts at 3:30pm Anyone arriving late will not be judged. Winners will be announced at the Homecoming BBQ. Name of your group must be clearly displayed. Return forms to SOC by September 28th Confirmations along with line up number and final times will be sent to organization no later than October 3rd.


Any vehicles (including the float) cannot exceed 65 feet in length or 8 feet in width or higher than 13 feet 6 inches. Parade entries cannot contain any materials that can create smoke, flame, heat or sparking conditions. Use of additional power sources (ie. generators) must receive prior approval by Student Life. No throwing items from the vehicles/float. Candy and giveaways must be handed out. You must adhere to the line up assigned, no passing. No alcohol will be permitted on-site and intoxicated individuals will not be allowed to participate. Due to safety regulations no smoking on the parade route. All vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver. UIS assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to parade vehicles/floats/persons or damage caused by them. Basic civility, as with all campus activities, is expected. The Parade Committee has the right to disqualify an entry based on lewdness, vulgarity, inappropriate behavior, or failure to follow guidelines.

Student Organization Prizes:

1st Place: $150; 2nd Place: $75; 3rd Place: $50

Community Entry Prize:

$50 for 1st Place

Statement of Compliance

Question 9

9. Check the box below if you have read and agree to comply with all of the rules and regulations stated above:

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