The Power of I.

Backed by over 150 years of ingenuity and imagination, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign puts you in the same hallways as 23 Pulitzer Prize winners, 23 Nobel Laureates, the inventors of YouTube, PayPal and a long list of game-changing innovators. Now is the time to discover the power within yourself –– The Power of I.

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Our ever-evolving approach to our students’ learning experience encourages progressive, creative and cutting-edge thought in our students, faculty and staff alike.

  • #14 ranked public university
  • World-class leader in research, education and public engagement
  • #1 in National Science Foundation research expenditures
  • Provides an environment where students are challenged academically
  • Offers students exposure to different perspectives and new ways of thinking
  • Hands-on learning experiences



We believe focusing on the individualized journey of each student is the catalyst to a transformational experience that shapes our students’ lives.

  • 7,000 courses in more than 150 fields of study
  • Students navigate their own journey
  • Opportunities to conduct highly collaborative research from the start
  • 50,000+ students from all different backgrounds
  • An environment that encourages leadership and self-motivation
  • Students get real-world, practical application
  • A balanced experience, blending both academics and social activities



For over 150 years, we have had a tradition of challenging the status quo, leading to hundreds of world-changing achievements, innovations and discoveries that create a positive impact on society.

  • 23 Nobel Laureates
  • 23 Pulitzer Prize winners
  • Leader in disability resources and education
  • Pioneering discoveries in physical fitness
  • Our alumni founded PayPal, YouTube, and Yelp, and Our alumni invented the LED, the transistor and medical ultrasound
  • 248 Big Ten Titles
  • 18 NCAA Championships, 5 football national championships, 5 Final Fours
  • 10 men's NCAA teams and 11 women's NCAA teams with 15 major facilities
  • Alumni include Olympians, Paralympians and other professional athletes
  • Thirteen top 5 engineering specialties and Top 5 programs including Accountancy, Information Sciences

Harness Your Power

There are countless ways to make your mark. Whatever your interest, let us connect you to the people, events, stories and jobs that will help you harness your power to shape the world.

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