The Illinois Directory from Web Services at Public Affairs is a database of contact information for faculty, staff, students, and departments.

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What information is displayed?

The information is organized and displayed in the following categories.

Faculty and staff may log in to see all information contained in any of the categories.

Why is so little student information displayed?

The results displayed on student searches are limited by a newly revised campus policy implemented by the Office of the Registrar, which writes:

"Primarily in response to student concerns, the campus has limited the amount of information posted from the student record. This is also in keeping with suggested guidelines from the Department of Education which requests that institutions minimize the amount of directory information posted online. This new directory, showing only the name and email address of students, is a model for all campus units to follow. For school officials within the campus community and the broader University of Illinois system, there is an ability to log-in to view complete student directory information."

Who can "login" and what is displayed?

Search Examples

Faculty, Staff, &
jane doe, jane do*, jan* doe, ja* do*
(first name last name)
jsmith, smith*, *smith
(217) 333-5010, 333-5010, 3-5010, 35010

About the A-Z Index

The A-Z Index displays departments and services. To update your department or service information please see How to Edit Information above.