2010 CCO Technology Survey

Please complete this short survey to help the CCO Technology Committee determine how best to support campus communicators.

Instructions for questions 1 through 4.

Please rank how significant the following technology issues are in your job:
 Very significantSomewhat significantNot a significant challenge

1. Lack of resources/budget cuts

2. Lack of technology skill

3. Keeping up with changing technology

4. Reaching key audiences

Instructions for questions 6 through 10.

Indicate your level of interest in the following topics:

 Very interestedSomewhat interestedNot interested

6. Video (shooting, editing, adding to websites, Ensemble, iTunesU, etc.)

7. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, blogs, etc.)

8. Websites (content management systems, Toolbox, accessibility, mobile design, etc.)

9. Integrating communications across platforms

10. Reducing use of print materials

Question 11

11. If you are very or somewhat interested in the topic of websites, please check the specific topics you would like to learn more about. You can select as many as you like.

Question 12

12. If you are very or somewhat interested in the topic of video, please check the topics you would like to learn more about:

Question 13

13. What topics related to email campaigns would you like to learn more about?

Question 14

14. What social media tools are you/your unit currently using?

Question 15

15. How would you most like to receive new information/training from the Technology Committee:

Instructions for questions 16 through 24.

How helpful were the following activities of the Technology Committee in 2009-2010?
 Very helpfulSomewhat helpfulNot helpfulNot aware of this activity or did not attend

16. Social media guidelines

17. Social media glossary

18. Overview: IT@Illinois

19. Overview: Wireless services on campus

20. Demo: How to use the Confluence wiki

21. Demo: Web Services Toolbox survey

22. Demo: Student portal

23. Case study: Use of social media to promote and track I-Help over Homecoming weekend

24. Email workshop